Studio 3

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Studio 3

Area 110 SQFT
Price $22/hour

A small studio built for solo drummers and small outfits.  All studios, regardless of size, house top of the line equipment, including digital mixers for advanced configuration options.  Those wanting something simpler can pull up one of our standard presets and be ready to go in seconds.

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Facility Amenities

  • Lounge
  • Vending Machines
  • Clean Restrooms
  • Zoned HVAC
  • In-House Equipment Rentals

Built with the drummer in mind, this studio has the best drums, cymbals, and hardware.  Drummers can tune their EQ, compression, FX, and levels from the drum throne. Want to record multitrack?  DIY setup is easy, and all controls are available on your Ipad controller.  

The room can also be used for small groups needing a great studio on a budget.  This studio has the same quality backline equipment without all the bells & whistles of some of our other studios.

Gear List

  • General

    110 SQFT

    • $20/hr
    • Room Size 11x10
    • No Stage
  • Drum Kit

    DW Drums

    • DW Design series 5-piece kit
    • DW 5000 Series Pedal
    • DW 9000 Series Throne
    • DW 5000 Series Heavy Duty Boom Stands
    • DW 5300 Double Braced Snare Stand
    • DW 5500D Hi-hat Stand
  • Cymbals

    Zildjian A Cymbals

    • Zildjian A 21”
    • Zildjian A 16” Medium Thin
    • Zildjian A 18” Medium Thin
    • Zildjian A 14” New Beats
  • Amps

    Marshall & Fender

    • Marshall DSL 40C 2-Channel Combo Amp
    • Fender Rumble 100 V3 2-Channel Combo Bass Amp
  • Mixer

    Yamaha TF1 Digital Mixer

    • Yamaha TF1 40-Channel Digital Mixer
    • 34 Available USB Channels
    • Bluetooth Stereo Input
    • Wired ⅛” Stereo Input
    • Onboard EQ, Compression, Reverb, Delay, & Preamps
    • Drummer Presets with tuned EQ, Compression, Gates, and Reverb available for plug & play

    *Save your custom settings for easy recall next time you visit us.

  • Microphones

    Sennheiser & Sure

    • Drums - Free Checkout
      • Audix D6 (1x)
      • Audix i5 (1x)
      • Audix D2 (2x)
      • Audix D4 (1x)
      • Audix ADX51 (x2)
    • Vox
      • Sennheiser e 825-S Dynamic Vocal Mic (1x)

    *To reserve a drum mic bundle at no charge please add the desired mic bundle to your reservation by clicking "ADD OPTIONS"

  • Lighting

    Neewer & Chuavet - Rental

    • Chauvet DJ Eve P-130 Stage Light (2x)
    • Neewer 660 Bi-color LED Video Light (3x)
  • Monitors


    • DXRmkII 12” 1100W Powered Speaker (1x)
  • Others

    Other Perks and Features

    • Cold Water And Ground Rod Grounded Electricity
    • Technical Assistance Call Button

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