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Our Rooms

  1. Small Rooms

    Small Rooms

    Our small rooms are great for drummers and solo musicians needing a space just for themselves.

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    80-120 SQFT
  2. Medium Rooms

    Medium Rooms

    Our medium studios are actually quite large.  Even the smallest of these studios is great for large bands, those wanting space to stretch out in their element, and those wanting to set up recording and composition areas.  Most of our medium rooms have heavy-duty lofts adding an additional 45 sq ft of storage space.

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    245-310 SQFT
  3. Big Rooms

    Big Rooms

    Our large studios are best for labels, production companies, or touring acts needing extra space to refine their shows.  Some of these studios are wired for audio and video to accomodate video and audio production.  

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    470+ SQFT


Snaggletooth Studios provides high-quality lockouts.  Keypad access control, alarm systems, and HD video surveillance keep your equipment safe.  All electrical panels are grounded with ground rods and cold water bonding. Each adjoining studio wall is constructed with two sheets of ⅝” drywall, a 6” air pocket and another two sheets of  of ⅝” drywall.  Zoned AC is never set above 73 degrees, and all lockout clients are provided discount codes for our backline and video production rooms.

It is rare for a studio to become available, and lockouts are rented on a first-come, first-served basis.  If there is no availability, you can sign up to be sent notification as soon as there is a vacancy.

All payments are processed online, and renters must have a valid credit card or bank account.

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We are open weekdays 6pm-12am and weekends 10am-12am.
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