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  • Do you edit our footage after?

    No. You will need to offload your data onto an external hard drive after you've captured your footage. You will then be able to edit the video yourself. We have relationships with some of the top film academies in the area. They are familiar with our rooms and regularly provide editing services for our customers.

  • How do I edit and mix my Audio?

    There are two ways to edit your audio:

    • First, you can bring in your personal laptop with your favorite DAW and connect to the Yamaha TF digital mixer via USB.  Record to your multitrack session for later editing and mixing. This method provides you the most control of your audio, but requires manual alignment of the audio at your video’s start point.
    • Second, you can use the Yamaha TF digital mixer to make EQ, compression, reverb, pan and level adjustments to get a sound you are happy with.  A stereo mix is recorded to the multicam recorder footage with timecode for quick and easy alignment. This method provides less post-production control but an easier workflow if you are a beginning editor who is not outsourcing the video and audio editing.
  • I don’t know anything about operating video equipment, will I be able to get great footage?

    Absolutely. We have designed our rooms to enable even those with no knowledge of video operation to capture professional quality footage.  Our staff will help you place and focus the cameras and set the slider functions. This usually takes no more than 5 minutes. After that, all you need to know is how to press the record and pause buttons.

  • What if I want to bring in my own cameras and just use your lighting?

    We do not allow our grid lighting to be used without the rental of our video package. You can use your own cameras, however, you cannot plug them into our multicam recorder. Our rooms are very expensive to build and we want to ensure that we can continue to offer our services to musicians at an affordable rate. 

  • Can I experiment with lighting to create my own unique feel?

    We have various recommended lighting settings for different moods.  If you don’t like any of these recommendations you have full control over the key and stage lighting. 

  • Can I use your video studios just for a rehearsal?

    Yes.  Our video studios are meant to double as rehearsal rooms.  If you would like to rent one without any of the video capabilities you can rent the room without the video package rental.

  • Can I use my own drums in the video studios?

    No. Because some of the cameras are fixed in the room and delicately framed we do not allow the removal of our drums from their current positions.

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